Budimex to construct 122 km Goleniów - Ciecierzyce gas pipeline, a section of the Goleniów - Lwówek gas pipeline, for Gaz System

News date: October 22, 2020
Budimex to construct 122 km Goleniów - Ciecierzyce gas pipeline, a section of the Goleniów - Lwówek gas pipeline, for Gaz System

On 19 October, an agreement was signed between Gaz System SA and Budimex S.A. for general implementation of the "Construction of the Goleniów-Lwówek Gas Pipeline" project, including: Phase 1 - Goleniów - Ciecierzyce gas pipeline. The construction of the pipeline is directly related to implementing the Baltic Pipe project in its onshore part on Polish territory.


The construction is carried out under the "Build" formula. The elements to be constructed under this investment include new gas pipelines and related facilities. The Goleniów - Lwówek gas pipeline is to be implemented in two phases:

  • Phase 1: A 122 km long section of the Goleniów-Ciecierzyce gas pipeline,
  • Phase 2: A 69 km long section of the Goleniów-Ciecierzyce gas pipeline.

As part of the investment, Budimex S.A. will construct the Goleniów-Ciecierzyce Phase I gas pipeline, approx. 121.375 km long and involving two voivodeships: Zachodniopomorskie and Lubuskie.


 “It is a special contract for Budimex due to the length of the section to be constructed and the need to maintain very high quality levels for the works related to gas pipelines with such parameters. In 2018 we completed on time a failure-free section of the Czeszów-Kiełczów gas pipeline. This investment will include trenchless work in HDD, direct pipe and microtunneling technology, which is the most environmentally friendly and faster to implement. As always, we will do everything we can to complete this construction contract on time and with the same success,” says Dariusz Blocher, President of Budimex SA


The scope of the investment includes:

  • construction of the linear part of the gas pipeline with a diameter of DN1000 MOP 8.4 MPa, from the Goleniów compressor station to the Ciecierzyce sluice station;
  • reconstruction of the Goleniów Gas Compressor Station, including: Goleniów-Płoty, DN 500 MOP 6.3 MPa Odolanów-Police, DN700 MOP 8.4 MPa Szczecin-Lwówek;
  • construction of a linear shut off and relief valve system, at ZZU Kolonia Kiczarowo, with bypass systems;
  • construction of linear shut off and relief valve systems, at ZZU Przywodzie and ZZU Buszów, together with bypass systems equipped with collectors enabling the connection of new stations/receivers, energy connections, control and measurement installations, telemetry installations and other infrastructure;
  • construction of an active corrosion protection system for the gas pipeline;
  • filling the pipeline with gas and launching it.


Total value of the investment: PLN 314,800,000.00 net

Commencement of works: 19 October 2020

Deadline for completion of works: 30 November 2022

Warranty and guarantee period: 36 months

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